Accredited Assessment Center

National Skills Standards Authority (NSSA) implements skills assessment programs for respective occupational areas. Assessment and certification committee of NSSA accredits the assessment centers throughout the country.

As of November 2020, there are a total of over 198 Accredited Assessment Centers in demanded regions and states for skills assessment in over twenty occupations. These are accredited by Assessment and Certification Committee (ACC) and approved by NSSA. (Detailed Information about the Accredited Assessment Centers can be found here.)

Assessment Center Criteria for Application (Applicant Criteria, Application Form)


  1. Location and Area

    1. Assessment area must have enough space for candidates (minimum area).
  1. Lighting and Ventilation

    1. The assessment room should be lighted with minimal tolerance dark spots.
    2. In the absence of an air conditioning unit, all rooms must have blowers/fans when natural ventilation is not good because of the physical room structure.
  1. Auxiliary Room

           The following conditions/ requirements must be met:

  1. Storeroom is provided for the safekeeping of the tools/documents
  2. Separate storage bins and racks are provided for critical materials,
  3. Assessment room for skills must be able to accommodate at least appropriate numbers of candidates/batch;
  4. Chairs and tables; and
  5. Clean and functional rest rooms must be available and located at a convenient part of the building (separate for male and female).
  1. Assessment Equipment, Hand tools, Supplies, materials

    1. Equipment, hand tools, supplies, materials shall be in accordance with the list indicated in the Assessment Plans of the Program applied for.
  1. Safety Provisions

           The following conditions/ requirements must be met:

  1. Medicine cabinet with first aid kit and other medical paraphernalia;
  2. Open floor spaces are maintained entrances and exits;
  3. Work stations, tool panels and equipment are appropriately grouped to provide ease of movement;
  4. Functional fire extinguishers are located in conspicuous and highly accessible locations places;
  5. Equipment are laid out according to sequence of operations to allow maximum use of resources;

          Color coded buttons are installed and located at strategic locations in cases of emergency.


  1. Documentary Requirements

    1. Company Registration or equivalent
    2. Business Permit(YCDC)
    3. Other Registration
    4. Building lay out/Floor plan


  1. Communication Facilities

    1. Telephone
    2. Fax machine
    3. Computer with peripherals
    4. Internet connection
  1. Staff Complement

    1. Manager
    2. Cashier/finance staff
    3. Computer Operator/Data Encoder
    4. Liaison Staff