Test Items Database

The National Skills Standard Authority (NSSA) is endeavouring  the skills development of the Myanmar workforce and the national skills certificate of Myanmar workforce for the recognition of skills of workers by conducting competency based assessment through Knowledge test and Practical Test. In the past, NSSA conducted for Practical and Knowledge Test, the skills assessments by means of Paper Work, now NSSA is using TIDB.

The functions and purposes of the TIDB are to use it as a Test Item Bank which stores, solidates, retrieves and updates test items, and also used as a record keeping system to record the ever changing nature of the tasks in the occupation. TIDB will also become a milestone in the process of shifting towards e-government. For the upcoming assessments, NSSA will prioritize the candidates who completed the training from Government or Private Vocational Training Schools to be assessed via Online Assessment or Computer Based Test. Later on, the candidates who apply for at least NSSA Level 3 will be assessed by Online Assessment or Computer Based Test.